Write a paper on "The Controversy over the resurrection of Christ: Was it historical or symbol?"

The paper should have 3000 words double spaced, APA Style with 4 references and incorporating the following:
Table of Content, Introduction, Body, Summary, Conclusion, Bibliography

Also create a 6-8 color slides Powerpoint Presentation hitting the highlight of the paper.

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Questions have persisted about the nature of Christ’s resurrection. Some authorities argue that evidence exists to construct a legitimate historical account of the resurrection. Several accounts of Christ appearing after death are recounted in the Gospels, especially the books of John, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Others argue that the Shroud of Turin, which allegedly contains a body-sized imprint of Christ, is evidence that Christ was resurrected. However, much of the mythology surrounding Christ after death was developed by St. Paul, who believed that Christ must survive in some divine shape to prevent the religion from dying. Most of the history of Christ’s life is relatively well-known and chronicled in the New Testament, and the events which he precipitated led to many believing that he could survive death, a feat that no other individual accomplished to that point.
Modern historians generally argue that the push to ensure that the resurrection was a real-life event was an effort to keep Christ’s followers believing that he will return someday to vanquish evil and bring the Earth back to a blessed state...

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