Question 1- Art seems to be having some difficulty finding the ideal performance state, something that he was able to do in high school. Please discuss aspects of the ideal performance state, this should include discussing Flow, Individual Zone of optimal functioning, mental toughness, and other aspects of peak performance including social and environmental aspects and how it applies to the case of Art. Describe at least 4 factors may be interfering with Art's ability to achieve the ideal performance.

Question 2- You are brought in as Art's sport psychologist and you determine that he would benefit from being able to manage his anxiety/arousal levels before and during competition. Please discuss the nature of arousal/anxiety and performance by discussing at least two models of anxiety/performance (Inverted U theory, multidimensional theory, Catastrophe Theory etc.). Be sure to explain how each theory would explain what is happening with Art and his performance. Explain and describe the interventions (at least 3) you would use to help Art be able to manage his stress and anxiety better.

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Question 1: Emotions play a significant role in sports performance because they can influence motivation and direct action toward or away from different situations or stimuli.
Flow is a unique psychological state of total absorption in a task. When in flow, athletes are entirely focused on what they are doing, and this heightened attention is associated with a number of positive factors. Accompanying a focused mindset are factors such as knowing exactly what one is going to do and how one is doing, having a sense of oneness with the task being performed, and feeling in control of one’s performance. A number of factors have to be in place for flow to occur, and it is not an easy state for most to attain. However, once experienced, individuals are motivated to re-experience flow, because of how intrinsically rewarding an experience it is. Understanding the flow experience is essential because it provides a gateway to optimal subjective experience. When in flow, one feels strong and confident, not worried about self or failure. Flow can be defined as an experience that stands out as being better than average in some way, where the individual is totally absorbed in what is being done, and where the experience is very rewarding in and of itself. According to Individual Zone of Optimal Functioning (IZOF), the relationship between emotions and performance can be explained as a process of matching resources...

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