Please review this page on how to develop effective research questions. You will need to extrapolate the information and adapt it to researching a topic in poetry.   

You may create a presentation on any poem.

Directions for Project

1) The project should be a PowerPoint with presentation analyzing (not summarizing) any poem from the textbook NOT covered in class. Your PowerPoint presentation should consist of at least seven slides and must contain an MLA works cited page.
2) Your PP slide show must contain a video of you presenting your analysis. You can frame it as if you were presenting to the entire class.   

3) You should have at least five different secondary sources (click here to read about secondary sources, but please keep in mind that dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia and sites that sell papers are not appropriate secondary sources for college research) for your presentation. Please be sure that you have a mix of research which includes what critics have written about your poem/poet, interesting Web sites which deal with your topic, images, etc. What I am looking for is a good mix of secondary sources and a well researched and visually interesting presentation.

4) You need to incorporate links into your PowerPoint presentation.

5) Include a thorough analysis of the poem based on close and careful reading.

6) Include quotations from the poem.

7) Include a video of you narrating your presentation

8) Make sure your Works Cited list conforms to MLA 8 style documentation.

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