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College Public Speaking Assignment:
"The problem with the younger generation today"
Students are to present a short speech on the topic of: “The problem with the younger generation today.” People have been making this speech for thousands of years, as citizens of any given society express concern that the new generation does not measure
up to the older generation. No research is required for this speech, although if you find interesting data you want to include, feel free to do so. Students can approach this topic in a serious or light-hearted way.

The speech is to be at least 3 minutes in duration, but should be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening. In the past few years, technology has drastically changed the social landscape in which we live and communicate with one another. In no group is this more apparent then today’s youth. With technology advancing faster than ever today, we must recognize the apparent drawbacks our generation is experiencing with growing, developing and learning social ways and mores dictated by constant face-buring in cell phones, iPads, and Facebook. As a member of this new generation of technological-dependent crew, I can attest to the distraction, laziness and lack of respect for privacy that the gadgets of tomorrow are creating and encouraging in our youth today...

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