The purpose of this assignment is to gain knowledge on the impact of teen pregnancy on other people’s lives through conducting a key informant interview.

A key informant is a person who is not only knowledgeable about teenage pregnancy, but one who can express his/her thoughts, feelings, experiences, insights and perspectives about the issue. **I have already completed this part of the assignment, and my key informant was Janet (I will keep her last name anonymous for now to respect her privacy), and she is a teen sexual health educator. I have attached a written transcript of my interview with her. **

Using your key informant’s personal experiences, professional experiences and other insights that they have about teen pregnancy and parenting, you are to write a 6-8 page paper discussing how these experiences or insights may inform program development, policy or advocacy in the field of teen pregnancy.

Some requirements for this paper:

1. 6-8 pages minimum
2. This paper needs to show an understanding of the key informant interview and how the information attained from the key informant applies to the topic of teen pregnancy prevention and intervention. In other words, how can this interview help inform/improve teen pregnancy prevention and intervention programs and policies?
3. You should include an introduction and summary/conclusion to your paper.
4. Pay attention to the way you write the paper. Be aware of your own style of writing and please check all spelling, grammar and punctuation. Don’t only count on spell check!
5. APA style is required for this paper

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The Anatomy of Advocacy - Kindness, Values, and Family

My key informant, Janet, has been a teen sexual health educator for more than 23 years. One primary element of her career has been her frequent addressing of schools, both public and private. And Janet runs her own independent program that provides comprehensive, evidence-based sexual health education. My interview with Janet was nothing short of a revelation – her experience, her empathy, her wisdom, her understanding, all played a part in, I think, telling an honest, truthful story of the importance of teen pregnancy as an issue and, thus, the invaluable, essential role of parents and family in addressing and preventing the problem. In what follows, I present what I take to be the key insights from my conversation with Janet, toward the building of better programs, policy, and advocacy in our work on teen pregnancy.

Kindness, and that Parents Matter
Perhaps unsurprisingly, a prevailing note in Janet’s answers and approach was her understated advocacy for subtle yet powerful shifts in the mentality of parents, that there are subtly different mindsets parents should take on board and implement. Something especially interesting about these elements of her ‘philosophy’ was that they did not seem to be all about the teens and the issue of pregnancy; rather, the ideas Janet put forward had the ring of empathy, for parents, and for parenting. It seemed that a major part of her approach was the importance of, for lack of a more technical word, kindness – kindness when ‘we’ and policymakers and advocates think of parents, and kindness of the sort and depth that parents must/should have for themselves.
A striking example of this came up when I posed the question of how much the pressures and stresses of modern life were taking their toll on parents’ ability—simply in terms of time and energy—to...
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