Overview: You will write a short Op / Ed on a topic of relevance to this course (i.e. a Canadian cultural, social, regional, environmental issue). An effective Op/Ed is a highly focused informed opinion piece that aims to persuade a reader of the author’s point of view on a particular issue and inspire action / change. “Op /Ed” is named such since it appears in a publication (e.g. newspaper) opposite the editorial and is an invited article (i.e. not written by media staff but by an academic, business leader, politician or other prominent citizen).

Details: Mindful of the guidelines below, write an Op /Ed (700-1000 words). Your topic should relate to some Canadian issue relevant to this course (e.g. on Canadian or regional identities, faultlines, social injustices, environmental concerns). Your Op/Ed should have a good title, the body of the work and a properly constructed bibliography with at least 8 sources. Note: Op/Eds do not usually have a bibliography but for this assignment I do want to assess the quality of your sources and your ability to reference using APA. Although an Op/Ed is a shorter format you are expected to put in research / effort fitting a term project at a third year university level.

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O Canada America! Our home and native land! SOLD!

Canada is a territory of the United States of America. We are the 51st state, and we have less say than the District of Columbia. We are a colony so amenable to colonization that our masters do not deem it necessary to occupy ‘our’ territory. And nary a shot was fired. How did this happen? All it took was the lure of barrels of American dollars in payment for our oil, and our democratic adoption of half-baked, juvenile American political ideology.
Yes, my countrymen, we did this to ourselves.
What did we do to ourselves? We have changed so much as a country and a culture that Archbishop Desmond Tutu thinks it necessary to take out full-page ads decrying our chosen direction: “Canada, you were once...
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