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Short Paper: Advantages of Distributed Operating Systems

It has been said that distributed operating systems make it possible to implement more powerful resource-sharing schemes, improved performance, high reliability, and better communication. What support can you find for this claim? To what extent do distributed systems achieve these benefits? Write a short paper answering these questions.
For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper/Case Study Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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The design and implementation of distributed operating systems proceed with the aims of delivering benefits in terms of resource-sharing, performance gains, reliability, and better communication. This short paper attempts to evaluate the success of the distributed operating system approach in delivering on these theoretical promises. The structure of this discussion is straightforward – each dimension will be taken up and support for the proposed benefit’s success or failure will be presented. The paper concludes with an overall—if equivocal—evaluation.
It could be argued that the entire purpose of distributed operating systems is to more effectively manage resource-sharing, particularly in situations where demands on resources—and possibly the resources themselves—are distributed along a number of dimensions. As Grimshaw et al. (1999) pointed out in their paper...
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