Barriers To Effective Smoking Cessation Programs Among High School Students In USA (270 words)

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Research Proposal
In this assignment, you will present a short proposal (about one page) for your final research project. This is not a formal research proposal. You simply need to address the following issues:
Topic: Smoking Problem; Barriers to Effective Smoking Cessation programs Among High School Students in USA
• Your Research Question. The question should be specific enough to be answered in 6 - 10 pages.
• The significance of your topic.
• Also consider your audience: to whom is this topic significant, and why?
• Include a list of preliminary sources: books, articles, authors, websites that you used (or could use) in your preliminary research.

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According to a report released by Centre of disease and Control prevention (CDC), 2014, roughly, 27.5% of the high school students were smokers in 1991. By 1997, the percentage shot up to 36% but later dropped to 28% in 2001. Subsequent numerous research showing...
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