Qualitative Research: Analysis of a Phenomenological Based Study On Plagiarism (1090 words)

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Write a research paper on a qualitative research study that uses phenomenology based methods and analyze the research based on the following rubric:

Answer all the questions provided below.
In your response, make sure to indicate which question you are answering.
Submissions should be written in a scholarly manner using the 6th Edition of the APA Manual.

For your chosen article:
Identify the qualitative tradition being used in the study.
What specific techniques (if any) did the researcher use to enhance the quality of the study?
What quality techniques were not used? Would supplemental techniques have strengthened your confidence in the study and its evidence?
Considering the quality techniques used in the study, what can you conclude about the study’s validity, integrity, and/or rigor?

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In a qualitative research study, the purpose is to scientifically research subjective factors that contribute to (or explain why) students cheat. In the main, this paper discusses the qualitative study “The Student Lifeworld and the Meanings of Plagiarism” (Ashworth, Freewood, & Macdonald, 2003). The paper’s research question is “What is plagiarism in its appearing?” The authors base their research question on the assumption that to stop student instances of plagiarism, “one must not assume that students have a prior grasp” of what plagiarism is in its meaning, but must “accept that a process of acculturation is required” (p. 257)....

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