Write a research paper comparing process management in Linux and Windows; 2500-3000 words.

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At the heart of this paper is a deliberate equivocation between the computer science and colloquial definitions of an important concept: abstraction. This paper’s aim is to demonstrate—via examination of a variety of sources on process management in Linux and Windows—the essential role of abstraction in determining the design and development of operating systems. The motivating hope is that this discussion provides a reminder of the value in recognizing abstraction’s ability to shape the delineation and solving of questions and problems in all areas of operating systems.
Abstraction and the anatomy of process management
In his “Anatomy of Linux Process Management”, Jones (2008) provides an extensive introduction to the life cycles of processes in Linux, exploring “the kernel internals for user process creation, memory management, scheduling, and death” (n.p.). While Jones’ kernel-representations of processes are unfailingly detailed, it is the high-level, conceptual comments—both undergirding the piece and providing perspective—which are particularly instructive. One early, important point Jones makes is in referring to a process as a “common abstraction” (n.p.) – because “process” can and does refer to a multitude of processes and principles, depending on the current discussion’s pertinent, salient level of complexity or granularity. For example, consider the essential distinction Jones draws between long-lived processes (such as a network service) and short-lived ones (such as command line executions). Note how this distinction is very much a material one, with substantial computing consequences; here, the distinction between long-lived and short-lived processes necessitates—both conceptually and practically—the management and scheduling of those processes.
Then, to further illustrate the utility of the concept of processes in representing levels of abstraction, delving to a more fine-grained level of complexity/abstraction provides an understanding of...

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