Topic: Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?
The paper must be a Microsoft Word Document in APA Style and must include:
Title Page with a Running Head and Page Numbers
Body Text - 3 to 5 pages (Title Page and References Page Don't Count)
Introduction with a clear Thesis Statement
Three (3) Paraphrased Sources (do not directly quote material)
Two (2) or more Academic Sources from the Traurig Online Library
One (1) or more Academic Sources from the Internet (Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic source)
In-Text Citations
Reference Page
Reference List Entries
Double Spaced, Times New Roman

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Graffiti are messages in public spaces, and can be made in written or visual forms and they indeed are contemporary urban art and may be considered as a part of the applied arts.
The painted public spaces sprayed with color by author’s hand with artistic attitude and aesthetic sense; in a specific way enhance the character of the street or the city. Of course, it can’t be said that graffiti are piece of art in every situation. For example, graffiti on some historical monuments must always be treated as an act of vandalism, despite of their potential aesthetic or other values. So, we can say that one of the most important distinctions between perception of graffiti as an act of art and perception of graffiti as an act of vandalism isn’t the quality of graffiti; it depends mostly of location where graffiti are portrayed. Location of the graffiti is connected with the question of art and graffiti; art has its proper location in order to properly communicate with its viewers. If graffiti is portrayed on a location that is already taken, or graffiti is destroying or damaging the already existing art (some sculpture, part of a public building that is a monumental artwork, cultural monument), than there...
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