Write a good research paper on Lee Lue (1935 – July 12, 1969), a Laotian Hmong fighter bomber pilot. It has to be about 4.5 pages to 5.5 pages. No more than 6 pages. In MLA Format, Double Space 12 font. 5 sources exactly no less than 5 sources and no more than 5 sources.

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“Fly till you Die” was the courageous motto of Laotian Hmong fighter pilot, Major Lee Lue. Which is exactly what he did, flying over 5,000 sorties in two years, from 1967 to 1969, as a member of the Royal Lao Air Force in the Kingdom of Laos. Recruited by the CIA, he flew a T-28D attacking North Vietnamese and was part of a secret war attacking Laos positions.
“The young Laotian (of the Royal Laotian Air Force) pilots were the best dive bomber pilots the world has ever known. Though their average life expectancy was estimated at only three months after graduation from “Water Pump,” those that lived longer, went on to accomplish feats that were unheard of by any of their American counterparts. They would fly multiple sorties every day, hurling their little frail bodies towards the earth up to eight times per mission. Some became so tired that they failed to pull out of a dive or would have landing...
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