A topic (Team Development) and set of journals will be assigned to the class (Human Relations, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Executive). Locate and summarize a relevant article not more than 5 years old (i.e., no older than 2009) on the assigned topic from one of the journals. In addition, say why you chose the article (i.e., identify its relevance to the topic), and provide an evaluation of the article’s content. The summary will follow APA publication guidelines for an essay, typed, with double spacing. It should identify the thesis(es) stated by the author(s), the hypothesis/hypotheses, how the hypothesis(es) was/were tested, the results observed, and the conclusions formulated. The text of the assignment should not exceed 500 words.

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The article under evaluation is “Fame, Facebook, and Twitter: How Attitudes About Fame Predict Frequency and Nature of Social Media Use” (Greenwood, 2013). In its concern with fame, Greenwood’s study is about the “dual human needs to be seen and valued” (p. 222). These human needs play out in all aspects of our social lives...

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