This assignment is a case study in which you will identify a colleague, friend, or patient with a health promotion issue, for example, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, medication compliance. The focus is on health promotion not an actual disease like anorexia.

Select a theoretical model and apply it as you work with the client to facilitate behavior change. This work will extend over the 14-week semester. Students have found it helpful to meet with the client and proceed step-by-step as suggested in the theory/model.

A paper of no more than six pages is due during the Week 14 live session. Using APA and Primary Sources, include in the paper:
1.A brief overview of the theory/model that you used including strengths and weaknesses
2.The main concepts of the theory as well as an overview of past research using the theory
3.A brief history of the client’s problem
4.Discussion on how you implemented the theory
5.The outcomes of your case study

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In an extensively cited paper centered around meta-analysis and critical review of the prior decade of research into the Health Belief Model (HBM), Janz and Becker (1984) introduce the HBM as a conceptual model developed in the 1950s to help explain health-seeking behavior—or the lack thereof—in people across the spectrum of conditions, treatments, and preventive measures (p. 1). HBM’s undergirding psychological theory consists of the foundational model where behavior is determined by the interaction of how much a person values a goal and the probability a person assigns to an action’s ability to realize that goal...

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