Write a 1500 word research essay on the link between video game violence and real world violence.

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Societal violence, particularly in schools and college campuses, has assumed a prominent place in our collective consciousness. This dark and unfortunate corner of the current zeitgeist has, thus, naturally attracted much attention in terms of attempts to shine a light on potential causes of the problem. These examinations are almost always well-intentioned, driven by the hope of eventually mitigating or perhaps even eliminating the blight of things like school shootings. And, just as the events and their disturbing frequency now have hooks running deep into our collective psyche, the factors latched upon by various groups as determinative causes have also become indelibly etched in the minds of many. Video game violence is one such factor diagnosed by many to be a major cause in, particularly, school shootings, especially after a link was drawn between the 1999 Columbine school shootings and the video games the student-shooters played. In addition to interminable public and political hand-wringing, much research has been done on the link between video games and violence, with often radically divergent conclusions. It is, however, the thesis of this paper that...

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