Annotated Bibliography on Influence of Participation in Strategic Change (460 words)

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Find the following article:
Rune Lines - Influence of participation in strategic change: Resistance, organizational commitment and change goal achievement - in the 2004 Journal of Change Management.
Provide an annotation that MUST include a summary and critical evaluation of the article. The summary and evaluation are to follow APA publication guidelines for an essay, typed in 12-pt Times New Roman font, with double spacing.
It should identify the premise(s)/purpose(s) stated by the author(s); any hypothesis/hypotheses; how the hypothesis(es) was/were tested, if applicable; the results observed; and the conclusions formulated. The annotation will not exceed 250 words. In addition, go to the reference section of the article; focus ONLY on the articles that come from academic journals (NOT BOOKS); in a separate paragraph that does not count toward the 250-word limit of the annotation,

IDENTIFY THE THREE MOST INFLUENTIAL ARTICLES IN THE REFERENCE LIST AND RANK-ORDER THEM; tell me why you picked the three, and why you ranked them the way you did.
Do not exceed the word count. You must double space and use your own words. Remember to follow APA referencing and citation standards.

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The premise of Lines’ paper is that, while participation is widely theorized to have numerous positive impacts in the strategic decisions and actions of organizations, there was little empirical support for such theories (Lines, 2004, p. 194). This dearth of evidence contributed to skepticism about participation in strategic change processes...

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