Intervention To Mitigate Suicide and Depression in New York City Adolescents (910 words)

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Respond to the following prompt:

This assignment involves writing a 3-4 page paper proposing an intervention to fix a problem in a community. The paper has multiple components that allow you to explain your intervention in detail, explain how it will be implemented, and explain how it will benefit your chosen community. This paper is based on steps 5-8 of the Precede-Proceed Model.

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Overview of Phases 1-4
Our intervention targets mitigation of the incidence of suicide and depression in New York City adolescents. This section summarizes the PRECEDE Phases—1-4—of this intervention. Phase 1 consists of social assessment toward diagnosis; conversations with community members, surveys, and any pertinent databases will be used in conjunction with community participation; Phase 1 challenges include the lack of reliable data and cultural stigmas which may be in effect. Phase 2 is epidemiological, and, as presented, establishes where NYC’s levels of adolescent depression and suicide stand in relation to broader trends...

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