Write a research paper according to the following requirements:

Topic: Numbers on plastic bottles
At least 1500~2000 word overview including numerical in-text citations (not author year in-text citations)
At least 6 valid references in ACS format (A variety of references are essential i.e. do not use all websites, at least 2 from books, not from Wikipedia)

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This paper provides an overview of plastic types as delineated by recycling code categories, with focus on PET, HDPE, and PVC. For each plastic, a brief description of its chemistry is provided, followed by its properties, applications, potential risks, and recycling.
01 PET
PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and, when used in fabrics or as fibers, the plastic is far more commonly known as polyester; when the plastic is used in container applications, it is generally referred to as PET (1). While this account of PET’s properties focuses upon its container applications, its use in such divergent applications as fabrics, bottles, seatbelts, etc., is due to its properties as a thermoplastic polyester resin (2) which can be heated and then made into any shape using molds or extrusion (1). According to PETRA, PET’s near-ubiquitous use for food, beverage, and cosmetics containers is due to it being strong, light, generally shatterproof, hygienic, resistant to microorganisms, inert in contact with contents, and not subject to degradation chemically or biologically (1)...

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