The written paper assignment will ensure your familiarity with the existing body of criminal justice research and literature and enhance your ability to evaluate that material and your own research needs for proper alignment and feasibility. The project will include selecting a topic and reviewing and evaluating the relevant topical material with an eye toward furthering it to meet the goals of empirical research.
Your final paper must be no more than 1000 words (not including the cover page or references). I expect high quality, formal writing that reflects a thoughtful synthesis of the many principles we have covered and that exhibits a high level of professionalism. You need clear organization, lucid points, a formal tone, and good mechanics to do well.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

This paper examines a selection of empirical research on anti-Muslim hate crimes (AMHCs) in the United States. First, the statistics on the frequency of AMHCs over the last 10-15 years is critically discussed, with the influence of 9/11 necessarily pivotal. Then, structural and geographic determinants of AMHCs are presented, followed by factors thought to promote or mitigate these crimes. The motivating thesis of this paper is that, from an empirical criminal justice perspective, the incidence of AMHCs is irreducibly complex and, thus, requires complex, multi-front responses if they are to be mitigated and prevented.
Frequency statistics
Based on statistics spanning 1995-2005, it has been found that hate crimes against Muslims have occurred at rates roughly similar to rates of hate crimes experienced by other...

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