Write a 12-15 page research paper. Topic will be on Teamwork for Increased Productivity.

Instructions: While you may have opinions on the topic you are writing on, you may rely heavily on the work of others and you must give credit to those authors whose works you have used to develop your paper. MLA or APA choose one and stick with the format.

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Growth and development of a company leads to increased demand, more business and better results. However, the management in many companies faces significant challenges when trying to find a winning formula for the regulation of teams and teamwork within organizations. The team is one of the fundamental concepts in modern business and it is built on the idea that the team represents much more than just a combination of people. It is a conglomerate of skills, ideas and personalities that drive change and encourage innovation in organizations (Storge, 2002; Prichard & Staton, 1999; Ingram et al., 1997; Guzzo & Dickson, 1996).

The distinction between successful and unsuccessful teams is the expectations exerted on them by the management. Most successful teams will have more freedom in exploring ideas and projects, they will be smaller in number and highly diverse. Less successful teams are usually large, confined by the company policy and unable to explore their creativity due to internal conflict. The prevailing element that dictates the success of a company – and increased productivity – is the cohesion between team members and the interaction between the team and the rest of the company (West et al., 1998; Yancey, 1998; Bateman & Bingham, 2002).

An important distinction to make when discussing teams is between teams and groups. A team is a cohesive unit of skilled individuals who function together to bring about new ideas and improve productivity. Groups are less cohesive, they are mainly used to increase productivity and are not oriented on creativity. Furthermore, the group is under strong influence of the group leader, whereas the team has a horizontal power structure (West et al., 1998; Yancey, 1998; Bateman & Bingham, 2002).

The purpose of this paper is to examine the implications of team work for the overall productivity and success of the company. The evaluation of the team will be based on several factors, including team structure, purpose, cohesion and conflict resolution. All of these factors, if managed poorly, have adverse influence on the productivity of the company. The paper will argue that while teams offer significant benefits for the company, they can also cause disruption if they are managed poorly or overused. The distinction between work groups and teams is an important point within this discourse because it distinguishes between specific goals for the team and the group....

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