Write a 10 page essay explaining why is there a racial diversity gap between the medical and computer fields (minimum of 6 scholarly journal articles).

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The problem of the racial diversity gap in the healthcare and technology sectors has been stark and entrenched. As is discussed in detail below, the racial diversity gap in medicine has withstood diversity-promotion efforts spanning more than six decades (Terrell & Beaudreau, 2003). In the case of the much younger tech sector, the problem has stood unflinching in the face of efforts by some of the sector’s giants—like Google, Intel, and Facebook—to improve representation and close the diversity gap (Jacobson, 2014; Lim, 2016; Seetharaman & Wells, 2016). This paper first examines the nature and extent of the diversity gap, followed by examination of the near-default explanatory cause: the education pipeline...

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