Write a words paper on the Water Supply: Laws & Aqueducts. It should only focus on Aqua Iulia. (I would need 5-6 peer reviewed sources; citations in Chicago style; footnotes no endnotes; 3-4 suited pictures or maps to support the essay).

Thesis: How Augustus’s work on aqueducts (construction, reconstruction) benefitted the city of Rome and how the laws regarding water and aqueducts changed Rome?

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Aqueducts and Water as Tools of Politics and Power

Elisha Ann Dumser opens her piece on Rome’s urban topography by pointing to how its public buildings and works constituted a “vital expression of the power and authority of the Roman state”. Dumser cites Vitruvius’ admiration of Augustus’ development of public infrastructure for providing both utility and the expression of “the majesty of the empire”. This expression of power, authority, and majesty was especially vital given the radically contrasting image that the city presented before the work of Julius Caesar, and of Augustus and his ally, Marcus Agrippa: This was an image of Rome unbefitting of “the status and dignity of a world power”   – so much so that a rival’s embassy “reportedly found Rome’s urban appearance laughable” in part due to its lack of public amenities. However, as will be seen, the development of Rome’s aqueducts under Augustus was not just an expression of Rome’s power but also the wielding and consolidation of political and legislative power by the first emperor....

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