Describe a situation where you would use ANOVA by stating
1. the quantity of populations that are to be investigated,
2. a quantitative variable on these populations,
3. the sizes of samples from these populations,
4. your null hypothesis, 5. your alternative hypothesis, and
6. a significance level. Then find
7. The degrees of freedom of the numerator of your F-statistic,
8. the degrees of freedom of the denominator of your F-statistic, and state
9. what the P-value for your test statistic being less than your significance level would imply. Remember that you do not need to list the values of the variable for individuals in either the samples or the population, and that the values for 3 and 6 do not need to be calculated, only stated.

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Fire sprinklers are triggered when the temperature change related to heat from a fire and a physical change in the material is required to obstruct on the plug. The solid nozzle peg end material has a melting point to react or even melt off when its opened to fire. As a result, it releases the material from preventing the nozzle plug. The vial of liquid is then to transform to a gas state in a temperature having to do with heat or flame for it to blow out of the vial. This leads to a plug unblocking the water.
Describe a situation where you would use ANOVA by stating
1. the quantity of populations that are to be investigated
3 populations of adults based on various types of sound (constant, random, and no noise)...

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