You will write a 5-7-page essay synthesizing materials from 5 sources on your individual research topic drawing meaningful thematic connections between 1 course text and 4 credible outside sources.

Our objective in this assignment is to extend our examination of our course theme beyond what has been discussed in our course readings. Ultimately, through the essay, you want to address the question, “Taken together, what unique, new insight (thesis) do these three texts offer?”
The aim of the present discussion is to attempt to take James Baldwin’s message in Notes of a Native Son and apply it to an understanding of some of the dimensions of the immigration debate currently an element of public discourse in the United States. This paper was initially intended to focus on the issue of H-1B work visas and how the current President has, in conjunction with other Republicans, used H-1B visas as one element of an anti-immigration political stance. However, as research progressed, and with Baldwin’s thoughts in the background, it became clear that more fruitful work could be undertaken. Specifically, in line with inspiration from Baldwin, research priority shifted from discussion of the technicalities of the H-1B visa and its politics to analyzing the ‘arguments’ and rhetoric deployed by anti-immigration advocates. Thus, in terms of what this paper does, focus is on the ‘injustices’ inherent in how immigration and immigrants are spoken about by anti-immigration advocates in order...

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