Write a 4 page Argument essay on body image.

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Over the decades, the debate on the effect that the media has on people’s perceived body image and self-esteem has escalated. In particular, many researchers have also been involved in the debate and many studies have been developed to examine the topic. Now, with the advent of the social media in the last one decade, the volume of messages to content with on daily basis has increased significantly. A large proportion of the messages that people receive from the mass and social media concerns “what we should be” in the culture (Warren 64). When living in the mainstream culture, especially in the western world, people are enticed to value themselves by attaining the “perfect appearance” in the cultural perspective (Bessenoff 242). For instance, most content in the media regarding “ideal body” portrays the perfect appearance as young, perfect skin, white teeth, tall body, thin and feminine figure (for women) or muscular (for males), and big eyes surrounded by long eyelashes. If one does not meet these characteristics of a perfect body, then they are deemed unattractive, but there is nothing they can do about some of them like height. Nevertheless...

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