1.You will write a paper that is no less than 600 words per question (not including the cover and reference pages) that thoroughly discusses the following four focused-areas presented during this series. Must have at least 2 References per question.

You must ensure that you organize and synthesize the material from multiple lessons to address your assigned focus area questions.

a.FA-1: Describe how a Sergeant Major could use servant leadership and follower ship to assist in the development of a learning organization at the organizational level. Ensure you provide applicable and relevant examples to support your answer.

b.FA-2: Explain how a Sergeant Major would use the dynamics of organizational teams and the processes and activities of building organizational teams to lead an organization in change at the organizational level. Ensure you provide applicable and relevant examples to support your answer.

c.FA-3: Explain how a Sergeant Major could use the principles, attributes and applicability of Servant leadership in building organizational teams and in developing learning organizations at the organizational level. Ensure you provide applicable and relevant examples to support your answer.

d.FA-4: How could the exercise of followership help a Sergeant Major recognize when change is necessary, what the dynamics of change are and the methods for implementing change at the organizational level. Ensure you provide applicable and relevant examples to support your answer.

2.In academic writing, format is as important as content. The format allows you to organizeyour findings in a logical sequence while promoting clarity. The required format for your writing assignment is the American Psychological (APA) style. APA citations are expected, an abstract is not. You must use proper citations and references to identify borrowed material and avoid plagiarism.

3.The readings and learning activities in this series will introduce you to the principles and concepts surrounding Servant Leadership, Followership, Leading Organizations in Change, Building Organizational Teams, and Developing Learning Organizations. For this, and all writing assignments, it is crucial to base your content on research.

4.Do your best to address the focused-areas fully and in a thorough manner. Apply theIntellectual Standards of Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, and Fairness when writing your paper.

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Sergeant Major and Leadership

The application of servant leadership and followership is paramount if a Sergeant Major is to facilitate the development of a learning organization at the organizational level. Servant leadership often seeks to engage others in the process of decision-making and has its foundation in ethical and caring behavior. “L203 Reading A Servant leadership” (n.d.) relates that servant leadership tends to enhance the workers’ growth while triggering an improvement of the organizational life’s quality. Followership, according to L204 Reading B (n.d.), refers to followers commitment and character with the aim of supporting the goals and needs of the team, which is attained through people’ willingness and ability to follow their leader. A learning organization, on its part, is an entity that facilitates the learning of the members while transforming itself continuously. Hence, a Sergeant Major must cultivate a culture of servant leadership to facilitate ongoing learning on the one hand and promote followership to allow for organizational change on the other hand.
A learning organization is two-fold. The first aspect is allowing for ongoing learning among the members. The second element is the transformation of the organization. Therefore, for a Sergeant Major to ensure the seamless achievement of the first component, he or she has to apply the art of servant leadership. Followership, on its part, is necessary for the transformation of the organization. Where a Sergeant Major explicitly demonstrates the various dynamics of servant leadership, it follows that he or she tends to model an effective behavior, which the followers then imprints in their minds through learning. For example, with the conduct of the Sergeant Major as a servant leader, the juniors are able to learn about the ten principles associated with this type of leadership. One of these is listening in which the followers, through the servant leader, learns about the essence of having a deep commitment to listening to others intently (“L203 Reading A Servant leadership,” n.d.). In addition to this, juniors learn about the value of listening receptively to what their peers and other members of the organization are saying and not saying. At the same time, by following the Sergeant Major’s explicit listening skills, the juniors will expectedly improve their interactions with their inner voice. Another character that the workers get to learn because of the observing the way the Sergeant Major as a servant leader portrays him or herself is conceptualization. In this case, the junior officers positioned better to learn the way to take a balanced view not only the past but also the present and the future so that they can identify prospective contingencies while developing long-term strategies, thereby meeting both individual and organizational milestones (“L203 Reading A Servant leadership,” n.d.). It is critical to note that continuous learning becomes inevitable since the major exhibits a servant leadership character throughout.

While using leadership to promote the learning of the members, the Sergeant Major...

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