Write a paper on a very debatable topic "Christianity and How it has affected the Black Americans".

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From a young age, people are often nurtured to believe in a greater deity i.e., God who has high expectations for them and judges their decision making and life choices. If these conscious choices are not approved by him (God), or tend to stray away from his teachings in the bible, then severe consequences are often promised – like eternal suffering in hell after death. Judging from the narrative and real-life observations of people who abide by religion, it seems that people often inherit religion to find a sense of belonging, ensure a pleasurable afterlife and even just because they found their parents and friends doing it. However, in a world where information is at the fingertips, people are beginning to question previously unchallenged beliefs as they become non-religious by consciously eliminating “the middle man” that is the church and ultimately finding the truth for themselves.
Biblical teachings and the ever so popular commandments suggest that killing, stealing, and committing adultery are the violations that make people to be deemed as sinners. Even as some Christians hold these commandments and values at heart, the obvious rational observation indicates that no human has ever been pure, except the most idolized character in the bible – Jesus. Ultimately, since no human being is pure, does it mean all people are doomed to torture in the afterlife?
To a greater degree, religion has a positive impact on good moral values, or what society deems “good” since it emphasizes traits like love, forgiveness, sharing, courtesy, and friendship. On the other hand, like every other thing, religion has its downside since it can be used as a brainwashing and control tool and this is evident from the historical use of Christianity to drive wars and conflict around the world (currently and in medieval times), colonization, and even slavery. Religion can also be brainwashing especially among African Americans whose rationality has been eroded by Christian indoctrination leading to cases where Christian faithful accept certain claims without question or at least seeking evidence and logic. In all these cases, blind belief in religion leads to some sort of complacency where believers actually think all their doubts and questions will be resolved in the afterlife. Based on the aforementioned narrative, this paper argues that while religion creates great moral contributions to society, blind belief can have some detrimental effects on an individual leading to complacency and zealot tendencies, especially for African American people. After all, while belief in a higher power is reasonable, organized religion is a learned trait or perception, some may even call it a mental illness.
Historical Context and Discussion
The Bible is the oldest book known to man, there are no exacts to how old it may be since many just speculate. The oldest...

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