Write a literature review on the topic: Who, or what, is to blame for global warming?
The literature review has to be 1500-2000 words max including bibliography annotations.
A review of the literature in your topic area to identify key ideas, themes, arguments, theories, and concepts. These need to be reviewed in detail. You need to cover all the main ideas, themes, arguments, theories, and concepts in this review. The review requires proper Harvard referencing (as does the whole RTR). This will be taught to you shortly. The literature review needs to show knowledge of what is appropriate literature and in particular, what aspects of the literature are significant novel, or interesting using critical thinking.

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A. Introduction
a. This literature review explores the concepts related to global warming, discusses the theories developed to understand the phenomenon in-depth, and considers the various arguments presented concerning global warming; however, under different themes.
B. Defining concepts related to global warming
a. Global warming
i. According to Shahzad (2015), global warming is the continuous rise in the temperature of the Earth due to the disturbed greenhouse gas effect
b. The greenhouse gases effect
i. The Earth’s surface has greenhouse gases that trap some heat from the sun, which help to ensure that the planet does not reach freezing temperatures (Shahzad, 2015)
ii. When sunlight reaches the Earth's surface, some of it is absorbed while the rest goes back to space as heat (Kweku et al., 2017)
iii. The most significant portion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere fascinate, hence transmit some of the radiations back to the Earth, which then ensures that the plat is consistently warm (Kweku et al., 2017)
c. Greenhouse gases
i. In their order of importance, greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide resulting from excessive burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and cement manufacture, methane gas emitted through agricultural activities and improper waste management, nitrous oxides from the use of fertilizers, and fluorinated gases from industrial processes and refrigeration (Kweku et al., 2017)
ii. Water vapor is also a part of the greenhouse gases (NASA, 2019)
C. Theories of global warming
a. Conspiracy theories
Douglas and Sutton (2015) purport that climate change conspiracy theories are motivated...

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