Political and historical- history of LGBTQ in Thailand and how government impacts laws that affect LGBTQ community in Thailand.
Focus Question: How does the social norms in Thailand affect its perception of the LGBTQ+ community and what can be done to shift the nation into an accepting country for them.

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Transgenderism and homosexuality have long been present in Thailand. The first incidents that manifested the existence of this community occurred between 1351 and 1767 AD during the Ayutthaya era when Trailok was the king. According to USAID, the king was concerned that female courtiers residing in the royal palace were engaging in same-sex behavior (13). Consequently, the king ordered punishment, which came in the form of either 50 leather whip lashes, tattoos around the neck, or being paraded around the walls of the palace. In 1932, USAID reveals that Thailand transitioned into a constitutional monarchy from an absolute monarchial state (13). The new regime clarified the manner that men and women were supposed to express their sexuality. Additionally, the new regime replaced...

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