REQUIREMENT: You must address both Liberal and Conservative perspectives in your research. Then, offer your ideas and opinions.

Main topic has to be one of these:
Afghan War or Mid East Foreign Policy

Sub topic is one of these:

- Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan
- Plan for Guantanamo Bay
- War on Terror
- Domestic Terrorism
- Intelligence Community: Counter terrorism
- Ending the War in Ira
- Iran Nuclear Threat
- Israeli-Palestine Conflict
- Statehood for Palestine
- Israeli Right to Exist
- Mid East Uprising
- Radical Islam and the U.S.
- Homeland Security
- Diplomatic Efforts in the Middle East
- Syrian Civil War
- 9/11 Benghazi Attack

Step 1: Choose your topic from the list provided or you may select your own Political or Public Policy related topic.
Step 2: Develop you outline on the form provided.
Step 3: Write paper

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Main Topic: Afghan War

1. Sub-Topic (required): Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan

The US’ relationship with Pakistan—which, at best, could be described as complicated—has played a pivotal...
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