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The Immigration Bill 2013-2014 proposes to greatly expand the scope for charging for access to the NHS (National Health Service), and permits the Secretary of State to implement a 'migrant healthcare levy'. The Government suggests such measures are necessary to address health tourism and abuse of UK services by migrants. Such measures are proposed to encourage fairness and sustainability.

Discuss the validity of the prompt with reference to specific examples from the course. Your answer should make reference to the theories introduced in the first part of the course. Theories or frameworks are used to help explain and support the argument. An example is Commission on Social Determinants of Health [CSDH] & Dahlgren and Whitehead model. Use one of these in the essay. A clear understanding must be given for the model used.

You should then use two to three case study examples from the course to support your argument.

The sources need to be academic but also from grey literature (such as policy reports or governmental documents etc.). I need different 20 sources.

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The battle over numbers – wading through widely-divergent statistics
An underlying and central assumption of the Immigration Bill is that it would save the NHS and the country money. This in turn is based on the assumption that ‘health tourism’ (health services and expenditures going toward migrants who visit the country only to make use of the NHS) and services provided to irregular, undocumented immigrants cost the NHS and the country some particular, presumably significant amount. However, from an in-depth survey of much literature, it isn’t at all clear that reliable numbers for such costs exist.

Numbers supporting the goals and intentions of the Bill have varied, spectacularly. At one point, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, “repeatedly refused to “quantify the problem”, instead describing it as a “point of principle” and noting that the public believe “there is an issue out there”.” (Eaton, 2013) Then, by way of a document leaked to The Telegraph, it was found out that, “despite repeated complaints about “benefit tourism” and social security abuse....
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