You are a manager in a small consulting firm, Bodhi Associates. Bodhi’s business-casual dress code is fairly specific (for instance, no jeans, no flip flop shoes, shirts and blouses must have a collar, etc.) and is posted on the company website, but has not been, up to now, consistently enforced. (N.b.: You do not need to create a dress code in this assignment. Simply provide a link to it.)

Your director, however, announced in a meeting that Bodhi managers must begin enforcing the dress code, since violations have become blatant, especially among younger employees. Your director is angry because one account manager recently met with an important client wearing a midriff-revealing blouse, while a salesman, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, went to lunch with a new client. In both cases, clients complained about the sloppy appearance of Bodhi employees.

You and the CEO agree that you need to write a memo informing Associates that, effective immediately, the dress code will be strictly enforced, and that inappropriately-dressed employees will be sent home to change, using uncompensated time.

Your task is to write a clear and concise memo that is appropriate to all Bodhi Associates.

Your memo will be evaluated on how well you:

1. Select and organize information to help you meet your overall purposes most effectively.
2. Carefully consider your audience and develop your credibility by using an appropriate tone and presenting a professional image
3. Use proper formatting (see p. 62).
4. Use clear, concise language, with careful consideration of scope.

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The purpose of this memo is to express the importance of Bodhi Associates’ dress code; there is, also, an update to how the policy will be implemented.
As you know, the firm has traditionally been quite relaxed...
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