Choose 4 of the 5 questions, and, using your knowledge of resume and cover letter best practices, outlined in Kolin, as well as your own personal experience of resume/cover letter writing, answer the 4 questions that interest you the most.
Answer 4 of the 5 questions below. Show me that you understand the best practices for a standard resume and cover letter, as outlined in Kolin, and that you have planned your own online resume and cover letter very thoughtfully.

1. In our textbook, Kolin recommends not listing volunteer work on a resume unless it's directly relevant to your career goals. Can you think of exceptions to his rule? Would there be situations where a description of volunteer work, unrelated to career plans, would strengthen your resume?

2. Here is a final sentence that my WRD 202 students often use on their cover letters: "Thank you for contacting me at the above telepone number." Evaluate this sentence. Is it upbeat and confident or overly aggressive? What would Kolin recommend? Would you feel comfortable using this sentence? Why or why not?

3. My son Vince was president of his fraternity for two years and had many responsibilities, including organinzing rush three times a year, collecting rent at the house, and speaking regularly to support staff at the Dean of Students office. Should he include this position on his resume? Why or why not? Can you think of a situation where this information might strengthen a recent grad's resume?

5. Kolin explains that recent college grads should place their educational credentials BEFORE their workplace credentials on the resume and cover letter. Can you think of some situations where it would be better for a recent grad to post work experience first? Please be specific.

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1. An important category of exception would be when constructing an application to a company (or particular hiring person) known to value volunteer work. It is possible that such companies and employers are especially prevalent in the non-profit sector, particularly when geared toward addressing any of the myriad social ills. So, even if one’s volunteer work is not directly related to, for instance, one’s degree and thus the position to which one is applying, volunteer work...
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