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Select a story about a computer crime. Please review the story and write about the ethical issues, social issues, and technology issues (use what was involve, not deep detail) of the crime. The WORD DOCUMENT paper should be approx. 1000 words.+/- 100. Please include the source of the article at the bottom of the submission. This will be graded as an English paper. Please make sure spelling, grammar, spacing, etc., is correct.

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The story of Silk Road, Dread Pirate Roberts, and the alleged person behind the username and the site, Ross Ulbricht, is an incredibly complicated one – which at least partly explains why it is such an important cybercrime story for our time. But, first, what is/was Silk Road? What’s the Deep Web? Who was Dread Pirate Roberts? What’s TOR and Bitcoin? And, ultimately, how does it all add up to one of the most important stories of the Digital Age?
When talking about Silk Road, there may be confusion caused by using ‘was/is’ when referring to it – this is because, when the website was seized from its alleged operator, Ross Ulbricht, who allegedly operated under the username, Dread Pirate Roberts, replacements and imitators cropped up soon after. But, for now, let’s talk about the original Silk Road...

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