This assignment is to deliver a 3-minute public presentation about your vision for the revision of the Nutrition Facts Label. You have one of three options:

1. Defend the current Nutrition Facts label.
2. Defend the FDA’s proposed Nutrition Facts label
3. Provide a proposal for how the Nutrition Facts label should appear.

Your presentation should be submitted in written format.

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Good afternoon.

I want to first state that I am speaking on behalf of myself.

Here at the outset, I would like to express my wholehearted support for the FDA’s push to redesign food labels, the now-iconic black and white ‘Nutritional Facts’ boxes on the back of all processed foods. The label was first mandated and introduced in the early 90s, at a time when obesity was primarily, erroneously, attributed to undifferentiated fat intake. As Harvard Medical points out, the labels worked to reduce total fat intake, with...
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