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The Nature of Creativity – Behind the Scenes of the Making of a Shakespearean Sonnet

After creating a presentation on creativity (your presentation may take the form of photographs, drawings, collages, poem/spoken word, music, video, dance (video) or any other form of expression):
Write a paper explaining your presentation to be posted to the assignment area. Please include your presentation, images and links to any material.

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The Nature of Creativity – Behind the Scenes of the Making of a Shakespearean Sonnet

While I think the poem may have ended up being overly concerned with formal characteristics—such as the sonnet structure as well as meter—the best place to start this explanation is with the theme and ideas I attempted to convey. In hindsight, looking at it now, in comparison to when I was writing it, it is clear the poem moves quite quickly. It begins with a ‘list’ or survey of some of the things usually taken to be exemplars of creative activity – writing, painting, composing, instrument-playing. Then, immediately, one of the main thematic notes becomes apparent, the idea that creativity extends far and wide, into areas less apparently connected...
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