Respond to the following:

Introduction to Technology and Ethics in Society


- Introduction to Philosophy of Technology
- Technology Ethics in a Different Voice

1. Reflect on the following questions in your posting:

-How do the authors define technology?
-Tell us what technology is to you. How would you define technology?
-How are we influenced by technology?
-How does ethics relate to technology?

2. Search online for examples of technology being used in productive, meaningful, or just plain cool ways today.

3. Conversely, now search for relevant and current examples of what you might consider misuse or overuse of technology today.

4. Now share one example of each by posting what you found to the topic
-To showcase your examples, you can provide us with a link to an article or Website, or you could provide a link to a video and reference that, etc.

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On one hand, we have the definition of technology which Kaplan arrives at in his introduction, that technology is a socially constructed reality. On the other, for example, we have that of Borgmann by way of Michelfelder, that technology is the conjunction of machinery and commodity – that what’s of interest is an item’s nature...
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