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Please read Henderson's paper on "Strategic alignment: .." carefully and discuss the following:
- what and why of strategic alignment within an enterprise
- summarize the four domininant alignment perspectives and discuss each perspective in your own words

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It is easy to understand the nature of and motivation for the concept of strategic alignment. Broadly speaking, the concept can be applied to any project or development or research or investment undertaken by a firm – the issue at stake is that any and all of such moves must line up with the strategies and goals of the firm. Sure, you might say, of course, but that’s always the case, otherwise why would a firm do something which does not line up with its strategic direction? But, as mentioned in Henderson’s and Venkatraman’s article, the history of firms’ investment in IT in particular is strewn with examples of huge expenditure and disproportionately small returns on those investments. Their claim is that the correct diagnosis of this problem is that, in such cases, investment and development was and is undertaken in a way out of step with what a firm...

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