After reading the Developing Ethical Direction and Text Unto Others articles and exploring either the Earthducation or GoNorth! initiative, address at least 3 of the following questions (one of your questions has to be question #2 What does citizenship mean TO YOU in a technological society?).

1. Is the concept of citizenship different in virtual spaces than in face-to-face environments?

2. What does citizenship mean to YOU in a technological society?

3. In Text Unto Others, Ribble proposes nine significant elements or themes that constitute good digital citizenship. Which do you feel have the most significance?

4. Is there a bigger picture? How might we consider global citizenship in a digital world?

5. How might we consider ways we can continue to build positive communities for connections and sharing online in productive ways?

6. How might you use your online presence to positively impact the world or at least to grow and shape your world?

7. What are your impressions of the work being done by Dr. Aaron Doering and colleagues with the Earthducation or GoNorth! program?

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Citizenship in a technological society—and in technological environments in particular—is, for me, citizenship as it always has been and always should be: a difficult blend of self-autonomy and genuine respect for others, difficult to both legislate on a social and cultural level...

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