The Deregulation/Regulation of the Pipelines and the Airlines (605 words)

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Essay Requirements:

The essay should be approximately 500 words with appropriate sources cited in APA style. The originality/similarity score should not exceed 20%. Please remember you are demonstrating your knowledge of the topic while using sources to support your thoughts, insights, ideas, etc.

Compare and contrast the economic effects of regulations and deregulation on surface and air transportation.

1. What are the economic effects of regulations/deregulations on surface transportation?
2. What are the economics effects of regulations/deregulations on air transportation?
3. How do these effects compare?
4. How do these effects differ?

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The Deregulation/Regulation of the Pipelines and the Airlines – A study in contrasts

Given the vastness of the topic at hand, I would like to focus this discussion’s attention on select aspects of regulation and deregulation of surface and air transportation. Specifically, I consider U.S. Government Accountability Reports (GAO) on the effects of deregulation on pipelines and the airlines. Why these two modalities? A glib answer is that they both involve the transportation of ‘commodities’, in ‘tubes’, where one involves stationary tubes on the ground and the other involves moving tubes in...
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