Compare and contrast how the different cargo carrying capacity innovations and related transportation security policies have impacted the U.S. trucking and rail service industry from December 1980 until December 2011.
Note: Compare means list factors such as how much one mode can be described in what it can carry, the distance moved, and many other similar factors.
Two, contrast means to demonstrate with numbers or facts how that list of factors from one mode is better, or different, than the other mode under certain circumstances and geography.
Three, discuss any kind of technology that affects one or both modes of carriers.
Four, your answer covers all trucking and rail across the U.S., border to border. So, be creative, but include facts from referenced sources.

Essay Requirements:
The essay should be approximately 500 words with appropriate sources cited in APA style. The originality/similarity score should not exceed 20%. Please remember you are demonstrating your knowledge of the topic while using sources to support your thoughts, insights, ideas, etc.

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Rail and Truck – Complements and Competitors

1980 brought immense—but similar—change to both the trucking and railroad industries. In the case of the railroad, the Staggers Rail Act was essentially a deregulation act aimed at reducing federal jurisdiction and resulted in increased competition which radically restructured the industry, such as in technological advances and the ways in which markets were created and/or served (IRS Railroad Industry Overview, 2015, n.p.). 30 years from the Staggers Rail Act, the industry’s ability to set its own rates, for example, has resulted in considerably more financial health for the industry, effectively lower rates, and increased rail safety (Palley, 2011, p. 1). 1980’s Motor Carrier Act was deregulatory of the trucking...
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