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Company : ABC Landscaping Company.
FROM: Service Manager
TO: All Sales staff
Purpose: Your memo should highlight 4 features and 3 advantages of solar powered outdoor.
Garden lights. Your purpose is to gain more revenue by having sales people sell the lights to customer as part of each landscape order.   

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Photovoltaic outdoor lighting systems have grown rapidly in popularity. They can be used to mark pathways, highlight gardens and yards, and illuminate shadows around your home to improve security. Photovoltaic outdoor lighting provides a number of benefits compared to standard landscape lighting:
1. Photovoltaic lighting systems are much faster to install then conventional lighting because it is not necessary to run any wiring. You just put them where you want them and away you go!
2. Solar lighting systems are safer since there is no wiring to trip over or get shocked by.
3. Photovoltaic lighting provides far greater freedom as to where you place your lighting since no electric wires need to be run from your house to the point where you want to have the light. Have a large yard, PV lighting is the perfect solution. Lights can be placed anywhere you want.
4. For existing gardens and landscaping PV lighting is less environmentally disruptive. There is no need to dig up your plants or your yard in order to run the wiring.
5. Solar lighting saves money! Solar lighting will not add to your electric bill and there is no need to pay for wiring or installation.
6. Solar lighting is more uniform. With many low voltage lighting systems the lights will show a drop in power after the first few lights, meaning that the ones placed further away from the transformer will be dimmer than the ones closest to the house. With solar landscape lighting all of the lights will be of uniform brightness as they draw their power from the sun and not the transformer
All of these benefits have led to a tremendous growth in the implementation of solar lighting. Nonetheless there are a few downsides to using solar lighting that you should be aware of. Solar lights do require sunlight to recharge the small batteries that are in each light. If your garden or yard has a lot of shade, or if you live in a very cloudy part of the country the batteries may not receive a very strong charge and may be a bit dim. You can help circumvent this problem by avoiding putting the lights in direct shade wherever possible.
Most solar landscaping lights are not as bright as incandescent lights of the same size. In the last few years almost all solar lights have gone over to using LED's rather than incandescent bulbs which has improved brightness considerably. The LED lights also last a lot longer on a day's charge because they use so little electricity. The more LED's you use the more illumination you will get. In general most solar outdoor lights will illuminate for 8-10 hours based on the previous day's charge. One way around the brightness issue is to use a small solar panel in conjunction with the LED lights. Because the solar panel can absorb much more light energy than a single standalone solar cell on an individual light much more energy is stored and the lights can be brighter.

Exercise 11-1 writing a business memo
You work for ‘Go for it', a small company with 20 employees. You are responsible for ordering stationery and office supplies for the company. On Monday you will place an order for the next two months as you are going on a holiday and need to know what to order.
Write a memo to all members of staff. Tell them that you will place an order for stationery and office supplies on Monday. Ask them to let you know what exactly they need and remind them to note down the amount, colour etc. of the articles to be ordered. Remind them that there is a maximum of $ 100.- per employee and that you have a price list of all articles in case they need any prices.
Write the memo and add any information you think necessary.

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As you know, one effective way to grow the size of a landscape order and thus increase your commission is to sell garden accessories as add-ons to the order. Solar-powered (photovoltaic, PV) outdoor garden lights are an especially attractive option – they are high-margin items for the company and provide an opportunity for sale associates to maximize commissions. The purpose of this memo is to present four features and three advantages of solar-powered outdoor garden lights you can use in your sales message.
Four Features of PV Outdoor Garden Lights
1. Plug-n-play: with no wires to run, they are the plug-n-play accessories of the landscape world. Pick a sunlit spot, plant a PV light, see it light up when the sun goes down!
Landscape design flexibility: because they can be placed anywhere, they open...
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