Compare and contrast the factors of an internal and external analysis (envirnomental scan) in evaluating and assessing an unsuccessful logistic strategic plan. In the analysis, provide an example of a particular problem, situation, or incident that justifies and supports your evaluation.
Note: First, define the key terms or concepts in the essay. That is, define internal factors. Define external factors. Define what a strategic plan is as compared to a tactical or operational plan.
Second, find a problem where this makes sense. Use one from research or from your experience. Whatever works best for you to tell the story of an unsuccessful plan.

Third, do not forget supporting facts, statistics, dates, etc. that support the discussion.
Fourth, do not forget to include citations and a reference list.

Essay Requirements:
The essay should be approximately 500 words with appropriate sources cited in APA style. The originality/similarity score should not exceed 20%. Please remember you are demonstrating your knowledge of the topic while using sources to support your thoughts, insights, ideas, etc.

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In looking for an example of an unsuccessful logistical strategic plan to be analyzed in terms of an environmental scan, taking an example from a business setting would, at least superficially, seem most apt. However, instead, I present a military example, perhaps the largest and most shocking example of an unsuccessful logistical strategic plan in history...
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