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Your answer should be between 1500-2000 words.
You work at the anti-harassment office of a community college. You have to draft a decision regarding the dispute outlined below which has arisen between e student a faculty member. The student is a person who is deaf and does not wish to have a sign interpreter or note taker with him in the classroom. Rather, he prefers to read lips.
He is in the last semester of his final year. The student is having difficulty in a required course because he says he cannot read the lips of the professor, a Sikh male who has a full beard and speaks with what the student calls and “accent”.
The student asked the chair of the program he is in to make arrangements for another instructor either to teach the course, or at least, to be available to him privately. The chair asked whether he could just on this occasion arrange either for a sign interpreter or note taker. The student said that this represents a failure to accommodate him in the manner that be believes is most respectful of his rights. The student has made a complaint to the anti-harassment office.
In an effort to resolve the issue, the program chair approached the profeor to ask whether he might consider. just for this semester, shaving his beard and making an effort to speak more slowly. The professor said the requests amount to discrimination and harassment on the basis of race and ethnic origin. He indicated that he will consider making a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission and/or leaving his joh. He has also approached the anti-harasmnent office. The program chair discusses the issue with the union representing the faculty. It is their view that the professor should not be required to make any changes. They are also of the view that the college's progress with respect to employment equity is not good, especially in this department.
As an anti-harassment officer, you must resolve the dispute. You must include in your decision a discussion of:
-the nature of harassment and discrimination;
-a definition of the duty to accommodate up to the point of undue hardship and a discussion of the relevant factors
- a discussion of employment equity.
Make sure you include your recommendations in terms of how to address these issues.

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It is inescapable that the most salient, most critical fact of this case—of alleged discrimination and harassment on the basis of race and ethnic origin—is the “difference” between the parties comprised of the instructor’s beard and style of spoken delivery. Note well my use of the term “comprised” – this is crucial because it disallows room for the idea that the instructor’s beard and way of speaking represent actual, real racial and ethnic differences between the parties. There is no small amount of irony and cruel absurdity in the fact that the nebulous, almost always irrational concepts of “race” and “ethnicity” are here given both manifestation and representation—a soapbox—out of the necessity of accommodating a lip-reading, autonomous and independent-minded student who happens to be deaf. The problem is that, due to his instructor happening to have an impressive beard which obscures observation of his lips, and due to his instructor happening to have a mode of speaking which differentiates his pronunciation from that of others and thus lessens the effectiveness...

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