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- Server Basics (9) | Create Multiple Users at Once in Active Directory
- Server Basics (10) | Adding more fields while creating multiple users at once in AD using Powershell
- Server Basics (11) | Home Drives & Folder Redirection
- Server Basics (12) | Roaming Profiles - Windows 7

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Adding Multiple Users in Active Directory

1. Using powershell, go to Active Directory.
2. Create a new Organizational Unit (OU) – where all new users will be listed
3. The user information can be imported from a csv file – the file needs to be copied over to the server, in the same folder as the powershell script which will be used to add users. (Note: the csv file must be comma delimited.)
4. So, create a folder for the script and the csv file.
5. [The script for AddUsers.ps1 is widely available online, only a few changes need to be made.]
6. Back in the Active Directory, right-click on the OU, select Properties. (Note: make sure the global View settings are set to allow the ‘advanced features’ view – other tabs like Attribute Editor under Properties will not be visible.)
a. Select the Attribute Editor tab.
b. Find the distinguishedName attribute.
c. Click...
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