Assignment details:
concentrates more on the understanding of annotated bibliography and the design and building up of a literature review for your project.
Answer the following questions below:
1. Describe in detail what is meant by an annotated bibliography. In your explanation include the following:
(a) How is an annotated bibliography of a group of articles organized?
(b) What sort of articles would you include in an annotated bibliography?
(c) What are the purposes of an annotated bibliography?
2. In relation to an annotation of an article or reference, explain:
(a) What is meant by a critical review of an article or reference? Give examples.
(b) In what ways does an annotation differ from just a description of an article?
(c) An annotation is often said to contain three to four elements. Describe those elements and what aspects of your review and commentary on an article would you expect to find in each element?
3. What actually is a literature review - see if you can find and discuss alternative definitions.
4. Identify and describe in detail what are the essential elements and content of a well designed and produced literature review.
5. Why do you need to review the literature on various aspects of the research that is specific to your topic? Discuss three reasons for writing a literature review of the topic you are researching.
6. Identify four factors that you think the examiners would be looking for in a welldesigned literature review. Why are these factors important to your research?
7. A major function of a literature review is to summarize and evaluate past research as a background for your own research. Describe how you might summarize and evaluate past research. How is that different from just describing it?
8. Another purpose of a literature review may be to give an overview of past controversies or alternative methodological approaches in the literature. How might you go about giving such an overview to the reader and relating it to your research?
Give examples from your research topic.
9. Identify four factors that may result in a poorly constructed literature review. Explain why these factors are significant and may lead to a poor research effort.
10. Choose a literature review from an article in a journal that is a key reference for your research topic. Now critical examine the literature review given in the article pointing out its strengths and weaknesses and how you might do it differently.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

1. A bibliography is a list of sources for use in a project, and includes the full citation (name of paper, authors, publication, and year). An annotated bibliography contains for every citation a brief synopsis or summary of the citation, and an evaluation of relevancy to the project, credibility of authors, main conclusion reached by the authors and additional observation reached by the user.
The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to be a quick reference guide, to have these in one place, to allow one to critically analyze sources (where does it fit in my project, is it reliable), and makes the creation of a bibliography easy.
The organization of a group of articles is organized by usually by subtopic, chronology, and possibly methodology.
The articles to include in an annotated bibliography are only those that are relevant to the project. The bibliography has to include references to...
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