Write about 3 pages APA Times New Roman 12 Font double spaced and let me know if you need any other clarification:
Question # 1: What is your vision for serving as an educational leader in the future? What is your vision for your professional future? Our faith, personal beliefs, educational and personal experiences, and support systems provide a foundation from which we plan for the future. These lead us inward toward core beliefs and outward toward service.
o Analyze your personal and professional styles. Use insights developed in the course work and personal experiences. How is your style reflected in your serving as a public intellectual?
o Summarize how your faith and/or belief system impacts your role as an educational leader and public intellectual within a school setting and community.
o Examine your future professional pathway and goals, making connections with course work, internships (or directed study), other learning activities, past experiences, and personal dreams.

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The leadership challenge is varied in scope and responsibility and with this in mind every leader should have a philosophy, a personal style, a strong conviction and both a personal and professional vision. The ingredients as fore-mentioned can be very complex and overwhelming and this is why it is important for those that are in leadership to subscribe to a successful framework(s) to assist in the organization and the effective management of the leadership charge. I have chosen three major frameworks to assist me in successfully carrying out all of the phases of the administrative processes. Servant Leadership, Myers-Briggs Personality Style Assessment and a personal and professional belief system which is consistent with my core values. The utilization of the said framework(s) and/or structures are monumental as they assist the value-added educational leader in obtaining as well as sustaining “intentionality” and “directionality”, which is vital for the high performing learning community. Each of the entities has its’ own unique purpose, but collectively they are important in organizing outcome which yield both “excellence” and “greatness”, which should be the ultimate goal of any organization given the charge to educate our nation’s children. Servant Leadership is organized into (10) essential ingredients, which are important...
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