Library assignment, based on 4 areas of focus:

• Plagiarism
• 1, 2, 3-iary sources
• Peer Review
• Online privacy

Pick one topic.

Your source must be submitted in proper APA citation standards. You are also to include 1 key quote with proper formatting for an in-text citation, as well as an annotation of the source:

• Briefly summarize and describe the source in your own words.
• Identify the components of the source that make it appropriate for the class and the research paper.

In addition to the source being cited to APA standards, the key quote and the annotation, include a reflection. This reflection (minimum 200 words) is your opportunity to consider your learning to date on the topic and the direction you would envision for your paper. As a reflective piece, it is less about arguing the position on the topic, and more about how your learning has evolved to date.

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Everyday a segment in the news discusses an organization or a retailer being hacked and the personal information of consumers being stolen. As individuals’ use of the internet increases the likelihood of personal information being stolen increases significantly...

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