For this assignment, you will pick a tool/program/action from your major or career area and write a corresponding set of instructions. It will be useful to pick a tool/program/action used in the prerequisite for this course since you are already familiar with its use. Don’t try to tackle instructions for something you are not familiar with. Otherwise you may become frustrated or, worse, tempted to take others’ instructions and incorporate them into your own work.

For this assignment, you must include the following:
• Introduction (What is the purpose or use of this tool/program/action? Is there anything the reader needs to know about setup or safety precautions before starting? Etc.)
• Step-by-step instructions
• Graphic(s) (See more details below)

You may also have:
• Conclusion (Identifies the final result, ongoing care and maintenance, etc.). Only include this section if it serves a clear purpose.
• Safety warnings where applicable
• Appendix or glossary (If you use images that require citation, you will cite those images in the appendix. See the textbook for more on the purpose of Appendices and Glossaries.)

Objective: to create step-by-step instructions that will help your novice audience carry out the task in the most efficient way possible.

Audience: Write instructions for the general reader who may not be familiar with using the tool/program/action. The general reader may need definitions for discipline-based jargon, so provide definitions in a glossary or parenthetically when necessary.

Graphics: The set of instructions should include at least one graphic. Of course, using more than one will probably make your instructions more approachable and effective. Ideal ways to incorporate graphics include depicting a tool and its parts or depicting a step as it is described textually.
*Citation considerations for graphics: If you create your own graphic(s), there is no need to cite. You also do not need to cite any standardized symbols such as warning icons, or some stock photos that are considered fair use. For this assignment, you do need to cite any images you find elsewhere that don’t fall into the category of “fair use” (ex: clip art, standardized warning symbols, etc.). See “Citing Images in Instructions” document uploaded to D2L Content.

Length: The core set of instructions (introduction, step by step instructions, and conclusion) should be 2-5 pages long. Any appendices or glossaries will add to the length, but are not considered part of the 2-5 page range. In the real world, instructions are complete when all the information is present (overview, steps, warnings, graphics, etc.), and can range from a single page to a lengthy manual. However, for the purpose of this assignment, you will use the 2-5 page requirement as a guideline for the complexity of your topic.

Format: Follow guidelines from the textbook for formatting. The document should be single spaced, but you can include a line space between each step and each section for clarity.

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Business Transactions
A key to a successful business is the reporting of financial transactions which entails the preparation of budgets, forecasts and the projections of revenue for the decision making process for future events. Preparing financial statements requires the accurate keeping of financial records which tracks cash transactions, billing statements which tracks money to be received into the business and money to be paid out.
A balance sheet is based upon historical costs which may not present an accurate accounting of the fair market value of the company as of the date it is prepared. A balance sheet must always balance, therefore the name. The accounting equation measures the resources of the company and the claims of the resources of the company (Harrison, Horngren, and Oliver, 2012...
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