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Literature review 5-6 pages
Topic: the effect of procrastination of college student
Purpose: this research is to evaluate the relationship between procrastination and the academic archiment of college student
Hypothesis: of research is based on the belief that procrastination negatively affect to have lower grades due to procrastination

Work cites
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Undergraduate students in Anglo-based countries who procrastinate are more likely to have lower grades than undergraduate students who do not procrastinate. This literature review surveys research conducted on academic procrastination among American, Canadian, Korean, and Australian undergraduate students and provides recommendations for further research on academic procrastination as it relates to culture, in addition to private versus public university settings within the same country.
Chow (2011) suggests that procrastination impacts undergraduate students cognitively, affectively, and behaviorally despite students being aware of its potential negative consequences. Research has linked procrastination to poor study habits; text anxiety; exam cramming; submitting coursework late; fear of failure and peer disapproval, guilt; lower grades; and depression....

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